“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.” — Thomas Watson, Sr. former CEO, IBM 

Everyone at Workspaces by Innova lives by the adage, and that’s why we don’t wait to innovate! We believe in leading through innovation and services.

We passionately deep dive into everything that will help us grow big
Our success is driven by our pursuit to provide best-in-class services to our valued coworking community. Now we are growing big with a whopping 750 seats, which means we are better-equipped to fast-track your growth. Since it is a prime location, near the metro station, Sector-63, Noida, it just might be the space you were looking for to start working and thriving in! Ideal for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and independent workers or remote employees, to get the most out of each day at work. 

We were driven to go big, right from the start
Now with 750 seats, this stellar growth in five months is cumulative of relentless efforts in the right direction since October 2020. We caveat it with the fact that we are not cutting any corners on our quality services or safety protocols. We are driven by the belief that by taking care of everything else, we help you to focus single-mindedly on what matters most to you here – work deliverables, growth trajectory, and a better shot at success and sustainability in these trying times. 

We nurture our existing members and can’t wait to grow our workspace community
As we super-size our coworking space and welcome more valued members in our community, we take pride in facilitating the most conducive work environment for each one of them. Our cleaning protocols, superior spaces, and all-inclusive amenities remain class-leading. We continue to offer you the best in terms of comfort, facilities, and benefits in a tech-enabled and productive environment to work freely. 

As we grow bigger, our flexible workspaces bring additional perks in the interest of your team. With well-designed spaces, you and your team will feel inspired to come to work each day and work with a wide pool of skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds. 

Creating safe workspaces remains our number one priority
Partnering with a flexible and tech-enabled workspace will foster your growth, develop a sense of community, and encourage collective learning. 

The presence of different member companies working within the same workspace further solidifies our efforts to maintain a secure, Covid-ready, and future-proof workspace environment for everyone.  

Our effective measures to reduce Covid-19 induced mental strain and risk include mask-on policy, entry through access-card, and temperature screening at the entry point. Alongside, we continue adhering to regular sanitization, and a well-designed seating layout keeping safety in mind.

We don’t rely on our previous success

“We don’t rest on our laurels,” says Mr. Sanjay Kaul, the Director of Workspaces by Innova. He further announces, “We believe expansion is a natural progression as a part of any solid business strategy. With our dedicated workforce, clear vision, future-ready strategies, and plan of action in place, we aim to reach 2,000 seats in the new financial year. Our scope of work also includes creating great customer experiences and retaining trust and value between our company and our coworking community members.”

We can’t wait to offer you a suite of our services in professional workspaces designed keeping in mind the rapidly changing entrepreneurial ecosystem and work landscape.