What makes Workspaces by Innova a cut above the rest for me is that it is at a great location with a very courteous staff, adequate security and well-equipped infrastructure.For my team to achieve their goals and facilitate deliverables, this workspace offers an interesting mix of comfort, focus and speed. Besides the conducive environment, the set-up is curated while factoring in the work ethics, boundaries, hygiene and sanitisation protocol. We have never run into a tight spot with them. Each time there is a quick meeting, we have a huddle room or a conference room available, without any hassle or unwelcome glitches. Interestingly, the people around,both staff and the workspace occupants have a global, progressive outlook and that makes for a healthy mix of people to interact with.The management provides end-to-end support, which makes it easy for us to access wider growth opportunities. I would highly recommend this place!