Post Covid-19 implications have led to one solid prognosis. In these times of social distancing, hybrid work model, and remote working, traditional office work culture is getting replaced by the adoption of flexible working. Efforts to promote decentralization and follow uncompromised safety protocols are in full swing.

The onslaught of the pandemic, lockdown and irrevocable disruption led to Work from Home Culture which worked well for a couple of months but eventually the demand for flexible, modern workspace accelerated. 

For most individuals, isolation, blurred work-life balance, and lack of workplace synergy took a toll on their overall well-being, including mental health, and subsequently, for many, productivity went in a downward spiral. Similarly for several businesses, having teams operate from home, eventually started to seem like not the most feasible, long term model.

Coworking spaces are set to flourish
Most corporations now want to “de-densify” the office spaces, as a measure to manage the post-pandemic crisis, and that’s why co-working spaces in nearby areas, designed keeping the new normal in mind, is the most emerging trend, for now, and for an unforeseeable future.

As a benefit of hindsight, most people are now eager to work from a place that maintains sanitization and safety protocol, boosts productivity and offers a break from the tediously long spell of remote working from home. As a cost-efficient means for business continuity in a post covid era, many small and mid-sized businesses are also now taking small offices as opposed to large spaces. That’s where coworking spaces strike as the most tailor-made solution, that presents a multitude of choices and options that can accommodate the most diverse business/individual needs.

Here’s what makes ‘Workspaces by Innova’ a future-proof choice 
First things first, we are much more than an office space vendor. Located at a short walking distance from Noida Electronic City metro station (Sector 63), the prime location makes it a no-brainer choice for most individuals looking at workplace solutions, to rebound from the Coronavirus-driven crisis.

In these pandemic-implicated times, safe, secure, and productive workspaces with all the modern amenities is the ultimate buzzword for most businesses aiming to thrive. Enter the meticulously designed, safe and tech-enabled ‘Workspaces by Innova’.

Why are we rooting for this as a cut above the rest?
Most companies tapped into the topical need in post-pandemic times – entrepreneurs, small and medium business owners, freelancers, and salaried employees will need social networks and like-minded connections now more than ever to establish and consolidate their footing.

Here’s why ‘Workspaces by Innova’ won’t let entrepreneurial dreams and employees aspirations get stymied – the drive to let nothing throw a wedge between you and your work.

Our key understanding while aiding your growth and success was the establishment of safety protocols and an efficient process that included a checklist for a future-proof effective return-to-work-in-a-professional-space strategy. 

  • Agile, flexible workspaces with an array of customized options to pick from – fixed seats, private cabins, director’s office and dedicated desks
  • Regular cleaning of the touchpoints, including workstations
  • A warm, welcoming ambience so you feel at home
  • A conducive environment for individuals to experience tactile human connections, build healthy networks, explore new opportunities and community strength
  • Eliminating the need to touch doors, by providing access cards to every member of the community hub
  • Blazing-fast internet, so no more worrying about getting frozen on your next Zoom/Google meet with the client/team
  • No more worrying about the hefty security or lock-in amount to secure a place to collaborate or work solo 

Help us help you beat the significant barriers to your success

Mr Sanjay Kaul, Director of ‘Workspaces by Innova’ reiterates how coworking spaces are going to grow in a post-Covid era, for businesses looking to reduce their capital expenditure and try out flexible options. He adds, that working at home doesn’t make for a long term work/business model, and that’s where he looks at ‘Workspaces by Innova’ as the effective solution in form of a tech-advanced, space-efficient, and cost-effective solution that will be a game-changer in coworking dynamics, and economic growth acceleration. 

Now, all you have to do is to step up to explore this wonderful opportunity that beats the existential threat in the face of the COVID-19 implications. At ‘Workspaces by Innova’, it’s as easy as flipping a switch. 

Come, get started with your work, and let nothing come between you and your soaring aspirations, as we provide the class-leading facility, while also promoting health and safety in strict adherence to the best standards!