The digitized climate of most job or business profiles has made the tech-enabled environment one of the core requirements at any workspace. 

Coworking spaces that are equipped with the right technology, give a sure-shot competitive edge to the coworking experience. The members at the workspace get to enjoy a seamlessly integrated workspace experience. Not to forget, it beats the challenges of affording a highly-expensive, traditional office space, hands down. 

Everyone is seeking a class-leading experience in a coworking space 
Whether it is the Small and Mid-size Enterprise (SME), a freelancer, or a remote employee, integrating smart technology solutions create an amazing coworking experience. Technology is a great enabler for anyone looking to work efficiently, seizing growth opportunities and enjoying the freedom of connecting in a creative, meticulously designed workspace. 

If you are on the lookout for smart, well-equipped workplaces that offer world-class coworking experiences, then we could be a good fit for you.

A lucrative, impressive option, by all means, it implements top-of-the-line, tech-advanced solutions that optimize a coworking space. Also, implementing tech-smart solutions alleviates the stress or inconvenience that a member at a workspace can experience in absence of technology. 

Technical enhancements go a long way in providing a stable, smart collaborative work experience in a comfortable ambience. 

So, what are the top technical advancements at a coworking space that elevates the shared work experience of the members, taking the strenuousness out of it?

Let’s deep-dive into the top technologies at a shareable workspace:

Access-card based, touchless entry and touchless hand sanitisers
In the post-Covid work landscape, it is best to avoid touching surfaces, as much as possible. The spread of germs is more likely in highly-used areas like the entry-exit points. There are plenty of workspaces that are making it a strict practice to issue an access-card to each member at their coworking workspace community. The standard door access system operates on cloud-based software to manage access to shared workspaces. 

As most businesses want to now focus on their operations, and not be crippled with fear of contagion, shareable workspaces solutions like ours, are mindfully installing touchless hand sanitisers at key touchpoints like the office entry gate, reception, washrooms and other common areas. This increases safety and contributes to the peace of mind of the workspace community.

A robust and secure internet connection
For healthy levels of productivity at work, a glitch-free, fast and superior internet connection remains imperative for most businesses. Members expect reliable and seamless internet connectivity, at all times. Equally important for the coworking spaces is to safeguard the wireless network with a range of stringent cybersecurity measures.

There is a wide array of options to achieve internet connectivity and safety, despite the pitfalls of the complex physical layout of the building or the location. The latest options for upgrading the workplace technology and bringing the internet into the building is ultrafast fibre broadband networks and 5G connectivity. Many coworking spaces have incorporated this option to keep up the pace with today’s uber-connected times.

Standing out with AV integration solutions
A core part of the contemporary, tech-enabled, flexible workspace is adopting enterprise-grade technology. Our USP lies in making a significant contribution to better engagement, faster consultation, presentation, meeting solutions, remote collaboration and smoother teamwork. 

Co-working space users now have the option to utilize technology tools ranging from audio-video conferencing solutions to a tech-enabled venue that overcomes any technical limitations that can affect a healthy work atmosphere.

One year into the global pandemic has led to a major takeaway – workspaces need to place a premium on people-first approach and digital workplace services. The simplicity, convenience and efficiency that a tech-enabled coworking space offers, create a conducive work environment for everyone.