One of the pandemic-induced changes is the popularity of the “anywhere office” trend. It’s a welcome break from the stuffy environment at traditional offices. The hybrid work model and remote employment have changed the dynamics of the working atmosphere.

Most entrepreneurs, remote employees, freelancers and many others are breaking free from the shackles of a strict environment at an office. They are choosing coworking spaces and cafes as their business base or workplace.

Both shared spaces and coffee shops offer blazing fast internet and coffee at your disposal, but nevertheless, both have pros and cons that must be factored in, while choosing a place to work. While a cafe has an invigorating aroma and an aesthetically appealing ambience, there are chances of losing your focus and getting derailed each time your neighbour shouts out for a coffee or an enthusiastic group laughs out loud. 

That is just one of the many reasons we root for coworking spaces over cafes. 

But, if you are still struggling to decide between a cafe with a beautiful layout and a coworking space, look no further. We have examined every upside and downside to both and curated this quick guide for you to help you make the right decision.

The atmosphere
While a cafe is always bursting with vibrant energy, the noisy atmosphere can often disrupt the focus and interrupt important communication over a video conference. The ambient noise may work for some, but for most people, a coworking space where members have signed up for a seat in a shared office space to work is more conducive.

Reliable infrastructure and a host of amenities
While a coffee shop offers an amazing view, coffee, snacks and mostly a robust internet connection, the advantages stop there. People who are seeking a dedicated space to work, want a reliable infrastructure. Also, a community manager at a dedicated coworking space is always around to help you out when you need some secretarial support or assistance with several things that can (and will) go wrong.

Not to forget the perks and amenities like a meeting room, tech-enabled environment, troubleshooting experts, access to printers, conference rooms, phone booths and a space that can accommodate a large group. Coworking spaces offer an appropriate workspace with flexible options that best fit your preference. In a cafe, it is easy to lose your favourite spot to someone else the next day as there is no concept of a dedicated task area.

Acoustics and noise control
Most coworking spaces diligently work at room acoustics so the members can carry out sensitive discussions and calls in a sound-proofed area like a conference room or a cabin.

There is a minimal disturbance at a coworking space with most occupants driven to get their work done effectively. Cafes, on the other hand, are full of distractions and it is easy for a person at the next table to overhear your conversation leading to miscommunication and frustration. 

It is easy to assume that cafes are a cheaper option as compared to coworking spaces. But if you factor in the wide array of amenities, stability and reliability that a shared office space provides, then a coworking space beats a cafe hands down. In the longer run, it is not feasible to work in a cafe, spending a mini fortune over ordering coffee and snacks, day after day. 

Ergonomically-designed seats in a shared office space with several other facilities, recreational space and ideation area is a winner no doubt.

Networking opportunities
A coworking space is a hub of networking opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. Professionals from different fields connect, collaborate and thrive together. Also, a coworking space hosts several events like get-togethers and industry talks, that bring people together and helps forge connections, broaden perspective, barter work skills, and build future business partnerships. 

Bonding over coffee, on the other hand, may not always lead to fruitful collaborations or expansion of business opportunities.

A final word
Finally, the choice of workplace boils down to personal preferences, ways of functioning, and nature of work. But with a long list of tasks to check off, a coworking space is suitable for most professionals (with a steady supply of coffee alongside various handy resources).