Meet woman-led startup that is changing the status quo

Businesses need a strong team and a clear vision to succeed. Every idea is a potential game changer if executed properly. In the past couple of decades, women in the workspace have grown exponentially and are now employed in huge numbers in MNCs across the globe. However, still we see many male dominated organisations with only men holding the position of power. But ever so slightly and constantly, the times are changing. Now women across the globe are establishing their own startups and investing in their own ideas. We, at Workspaces By Innova, are here to cherish all those women who are breaking the glass ceilings and ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Founded in 2010, V Spark Communications was started with a simple mission- to provide brands and professionals with complete brand management and digital marketing solutions. Founder and Director Kanika Chhabra had a clear vision regarding what she wants the company to deliver and how to place the brand in the market. Working with Workspaces By Innova, Kanika Chabra was able to make a connection with other industry experts and potential clients. Providing complete digital solutions, V Spark offers PR and Design solutions as well. Headquartered in New Delhi, V Spark Communication offers the most comprehensive and branding solutions & strategies to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Kanika says, “We believe that every brand has a unique story. We cannot apply one rule to all the brands.” She added, “Most of the financial parameters were created by men for men. We decided to give everyone a level playing field… Research shows that women are more capable of throwing our resources toward creating the world we want to see. That enables women to create a change in the market, the charities we support, and the children we raise.”

Having industry leaders as your clients depends upon the kind of networking setup you have. This is where coworking solutions come in handy. According to Kanika, “For me, coworking is more than simply a place to work. An experience that combines a lovely setting with a welcoming mood.” Sharing her 2 cents about Workspaces By Innova, she added, “The Workspaces By Innova management is extremely responsive and preserves a friendly yet professional environment. Workspaces by Innova projects a strong women-friendly image which is very evident with the kind of environment they provide which facilitates women to be able to make connections with and work with other industry professionals.”

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Benefits to take Office Space for Rent in Noida Sector 63

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The Best Office Space for Rent in Noida Sector 63 Near Electronic City Metro Station, Workspaces By Innova, is considered among the Top Coworking Space Companies in Noida Sector 62, Delhi NCR, and all over India owing to its quality Internet Services, Clean offices, and IT Experts. Our extensive Coworking experience and dedicated team of Management Professionals make us well-poised to emerge as the Amongst Top Coworking Companies in India!

We all know that Noida is one of the most prominent places for commercial and business purposes. It is well connected with Delhi-NCR from many sides via road and metro. Not only that, it has an excellent infrastructure which makes it suitable for commercial purposes.

If you are looking out for office space for rent in Noida this is the right place that you have landed. In Noida, one of the best places for having offices in Noida sector 63 which is directly attached to Delhi via the DND flyway. The approach to Sector 63 is very nice and if you want an office or coworking space for rent here, then it is an ideal choice.

A good office space or coworking space in Noida sector 63 can help your small business to flourish. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should an Office Space for Rent in Noida sector 63.

1. There is a proper arrangement of different sectors in this area. It is a well-planned locality

2. Residents have quality amenities in this area for comfortable living

3. There are many renowned schools in and around this place

4. It has several shops and markets offering a variety of products and services

5. There are many banks and ATMs within the location

6. Property buyers can invest in this location as the returns are high

7. It is well connected to roadway networks through DND Flyway, Yamuna Expressway, as well as NH24.

8. Noida Electronic City Metro Station is within walking distance from the office or coworking Space in Noida 63.

9. This place has a dedicated local market known as Chhijarsi Sabzi Market for buying all the essentials

10. The employment hub is close by, and there are many companies within this area.

Workspaces by Innova is the most dynamic and flexible provider of office space in Noida Sector 63 and the most sought-after workplace solutions provider in all of Noida. Our coworking spaces and myriad types of convenient office space in Noida Sector 63 are tailor-made for freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and new-age corporates.

Workspaces by Innova have an array of co-working formats for employers to choose from, including private coworking space, private cabin office, virtual office services, conference room rental, meeting room rental, and so on. At a time when the gig economy is becoming the new normal, we at Workspaces by Innova are helping usher in a new work paradigm by making it possible for businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelance professionals to have unfettered access to fully furnished office or coworking spaces. This is the place where you can network with the best minds, mentors, investors, and innovators par excellence.

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Events That Filled Our Calendar For Our Unique Coworking Community

At the heart of any coworking space, what makes the shared workspace community tick? How does one build and sustain the coworking community spirit while also breaking everyday monotony? What events will be advantageous and engaging for our members? These questions nudged our team and we decided to channelise our efforts in finding answers to them, quickly.

We realised that Workspaces by Innova can offer great opportunities for members from diverse backgrounds to get to know each other better.

How we curated a variety of live, online and hybrid networking events.

We decided to tap into their collective creativity and host a series of engaging coworking events, both live and virtual, to help our members feel more connected to their community in a vibrant environment.

A round-up of the events that were successfully hosted at Workspaces by Innova.

1. An insightful session with a holistic life coach and mental health advisor
Finding harmony and fulfilment in the times of a global pandemic became challenging for everyone. On 15th June 2021, we took the initiative to help our members maintain a positive outlook in the post-COVID-19 strenuous times. We partnered with a very eminent NLP master, Heal your Life, Trainer and Motivator, Dr Hitu Khera. 

She conducted a virtual session for our Workspaces Community on discovering one’s true potential. The entire session on ‘Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life’ with Dr Hitu Khera was funded by our organization and received active participation all across the workplace community.

2. Talk on Covid compliances at work while retaining well-being with Dr D.K. Gupta
As an aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest fears people had was about returning to work. As an organization, we wanted to spread awareness on keeping the work environment safe. On 16th July 2021, we organized a session on return to work guidelines.

Dr D.K. Gupta, the proud owner and promoter of the multi-speciality hospital under the brand name “FELIX HEALTHCARE PVT LTD” led the session on Covid-19 compliances at work. He addressed our members’ COVID-19 centred questions while sharing Covid prevention practices to protect everyone’s well-being at work.

3. Thank God it’s Friday – Yellow, how are you doing?
They say, “Yellow is capable of charming God.” We wanted all our lovely members at Workspaces by Innova to feel bright like a streak of light! 

And that’s when we decided to incorporate some fun into our workplace by asking our members to wear the colour of joy. It turned out to be a delightful sight when everyone dazzled in yellow on 23rd July 2021 and radiated hope, positivity and happiness.

4. Salute to our nation on its 75th Independence Day
15th August is a memorable day for Indians. We decided to celebrate Independence Day with our community members by organizing a small get-together on 13th August 2021 and decorating the office in a tri-colour theme. The bright hues of our flag reflected in our office decorations and created a patriotic fervour in each one of us.

We had activities like kite flying and high-tea to celebrate our spirit and unity along with an opportunity to express ourselves. A truly euphoric moment!

5. Game Face On with Table Tennis Champions
Playing sports and engaging in physical activities is known to boost concentration and strategic thinking. We decided to encourage a little healthy competition to find out who will reign supreme as the office TT champion.

Starting 30th July 2021, we announced a Table Tennis Tournament for our community members that entailed 12 matches with 24 participants. The participants had their eyes set on beating the competition hollow and grabbing the coveted prize.

6. Time to be dutiful to look beautiful
We believe that grooming helps create an impactful impression that allows people to stand out. Since we recognise how feeling and looking good matters at the workplace, we went ahead and set up a small stall of NGENBLISS best-sellers on 9th September 2021.

Our members enthusiastically explored the distinct range of products that were available at exciting discounts.

7. Creating moments as sweet as ‘modaks’ on Ganesh Chaturthi 
Since Lord Ganesha is revered as one of the most loved Gods, who removes all obstacles and sorrows from our lives, we celebrated this joyous occasion in its full glory on 10th September 2021.

Our members looked dazzling in ethnic wear and meticulously decorated their workstations with an idol of Lord Ganesha and other festive elements. The most well-decorated desk was given an attractive gift hamper. 

8. Birthday cake cutting ceremony to mark the month end on a celebratory note
At Workspaces by Innova, we want to celebrate each one of our valued member’s birthdays. Once a month all the birthdays are clubbed and we create a special evening on every 30th of the month in the form of a small celebration session. 

We look at it as an opportunity to bond with everyone as celebrating birthdays is a tradition that never gets old.

9. Creating an authentic opportunity for networking in a shared workspace
We wanted to provide our members with a platform to forge solid connections. That’s why we hosted a networking event that would help members meet new people and get a chance to collaborate.

On 17th September 2021, everyone gathered to meet people from varied backgrounds. It was a step towards building sustainable professional relationships. The uniqueness of this event was that we offered everyone a fun ambience to build rapport, expand the business opportunities and gain better visibility.

10. Members health check-up program
We wish to see our community members in the top structure and hope that they remain as such. Recently, we reached out to one of the premium health package providers, Redcliffe Life Diagnostics, so we could help our members detect any health issues and improve their quality of life. 

This onsite health evaluation and management camp was our initiative at the early discovery of health issues that can restrain the related cost and severity of the health hazard. 

11. Helping our members get energized with Yoga
Working non-stop throughout the day leads to fatigue and excruciating body aches. That’s why to help our members alleviate stress and body pain, we organized an exciting Yoga session with fitness enthusiast, Preeti Tyagi. 

Our members enjoyed the enriching session where they learnt how simple Yoga stretches could improve blood circulation and energy. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the dynamic movements and poses. 

A final word
Being workspace service providers who focus on members’ interests, our well-knit coworking events have always been targeted at improving the overall community experience. We have been mindful of utilizing the ‘openness’ of the shared workspaces enabling our members to increase their exposure, escape everyday pressures and stay active.

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How ‘Workspaces by Innova’ Will Help Businesses and Remote Workers Flourish

Coworking , Productivity , Wellness , Workspace

Post Covid-19 implications have led to one solid prognosis. In these times of social distancing, hybrid work model, and remote working, traditional office work culture is getting replaced by the adoption of flexible working. Efforts to promote decentralization and follow uncompromised safety protocols are in full swing.

The onslaught of the pandemic, lockdown and irrevocable disruption led to Work from Home Culture which worked well for a couple of months but eventually the demand for flexible, modern workspace accelerated. 

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