Meet woman-led startup that is changing the status quo

Businesses need a strong team and a clear vision to succeed. Every idea is a potential game changer if executed properly. In the past couple of decades, women in the workspace have grown exponentially and are now employed in huge numbers in MNCs across the globe. However, still we see many male dominated organisations with only men holding the position of power. But ever so slightly and constantly, the times are changing. Now women across the globe are establishing their own startups and investing in their own ideas. We, at Workspaces By Innova, are here to cherish all those women who are breaking the glass ceilings and ready to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Founded in 2010, V Spark Communications was started with a simple mission- to provide brands and professionals with complete brand management and digital marketing solutions. Founder and Director Kanika Chhabra had a clear vision regarding what she wants the company to deliver and how to place the brand in the market. Working with Workspaces By Innova, Kanika Chabra was able to make a connection with other industry experts and potential clients. Providing complete digital solutions, V Spark offers PR and Design solutions as well. Headquartered in New Delhi, V Spark Communication offers the most comprehensive and branding solutions & strategies to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Kanika says, “We believe that every brand has a unique story. We cannot apply one rule to all the brands.” She added, “Most of the financial parameters were created by men for men. We decided to give everyone a level playing field… Research shows that women are more capable of throwing our resources toward creating the world we want to see. That enables women to create a change in the market, the charities we support, and the children we raise.”

Having industry leaders as your clients depends upon the kind of networking setup you have. This is where coworking solutions come in handy. According to Kanika, “For me, coworking is more than simply a place to work. An experience that combines a lovely setting with a welcoming mood.” Sharing her 2 cents about Workspaces By Innova, she added, “The Workspaces By Innova management is extremely responsive and preserves a friendly yet professional environment. Workspaces by Innova projects a strong women-friendly image which is very evident with the kind of environment they provide which facilitates women to be able to make connections with and work with other industry professionals.”

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7 Pro Tips for Networking at a Coworking Space

How to Enhance Your Networking Skills at a Coworking Space

While the origin of coworking spaces dates back to 2005, the concept took the world by storm in the post-COVID work landscape. To say that the popularity of shared workspaces is exploding won’t be an exaggeration. Especially for freelancers, remote employees, temps, SMEs and even solopreneurs, the ability to work, and the network have increased manifold. 

On a lighter note, for many people, it is replicating the same ‘water-cooler conversation’ experience that people relished in the pre-COVID times.

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