In today’s day and age, women are on the equal pedestal as men. For ages, women have been kept excluded from all important aspects of life. From polls to politics to professional establishments, women have been shut out of such spaces for centuries. 

Despite all the negligence and overlook, there have always been women across the globe in small pockets who are not just interested in what’s been presented in front of them and are always looking to get their own. Women like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, who founded the American Equal Rights Association, an organization dedicated to providing care for all, regardless of gender or race, have been role models for women in the society and have encouraged today’s women to be on their own and, with a little effort, there is nothing they can’t achieve.

During the 1800s, women in the western part of the world started getting together to form professional organisations because they were being shut off from all the professional opportunities present during their days. 

Women have always come together whenever they have been denied opportunities and created their own stories.

  • Empowered women is a woman’s best friend

If you observe the world around you, you’ll understand that when women band together, important changes happen.

A coworking space is the best way for women to band together and help others achieve. Empowered women can play the most important role as they can help other women come together to work towards a common goal. Coworking spaces bring together people from different industry verticals, exchange ideas and work towards a common solution. Coworking spaces are the perfect areas for the women of today to band together and work towards a common and creative solution. A woman can make contact with other women from different industries, which she would not have been able to establish otherwise. When experts of different fields sit together, creative solutions are found. 

Women in the coworking spaces can help each other out and upgrade their skill levels. We are highly influenced by the people we surround ourselves with. Being around self-motivated people and in an uplifting environment will surely help a woman finding the right path and help her find success. 

  • Working with like-minded women

Women have been struggling to make their way up in the world as rules are designed by men to keep women from the leadership position. Women have been taught that they need to ignore their families, their emotions and push others down in order to achieve success in life. Many times, women feel like outsiders in the industry. Usually you’ll find a token women member on an official team purely for representation and not skill.

Coworking spaces provide great opportunities for women to work alongside other like-minded women and they don’t have to feel like outsiders. When we are surrounded by the people who are facing the same challenges and have the same needs, everyone feels wanted and a part of the organisation. 

When women don’t feel like outsiders, new ideas flourish, interactions happen and creative solutions are found.

  • No-need for competition

Because a coworking space is a place where different industry experts come together, the stress of competition is automatically reduced. As people from different backgrounds work together towards a common solution, there is no need to compete with each other. 

As women have always faced systematic exclusion from all professional sectors for centuries, having their own personal spaces without a feeling of constantly competing will bring out the best and the creative aspects of a woman’s personality.

  • Long term work from home is taxing

This new era of digitization has opened up many new avenues and business opportunities for today’s women. As new jobs are being created everyday, and with the hybrid working system being introduced, women now have more freedom and can choose to have a flexible working schedule.    

But it can be a bit lonely working from home for a long time. Having the same schedule day in and day out can be a bit taxing and it could also lead to losing motivation and drive to perform well.

With a flexible working schedule, women can now work in a coworking space where she can work according to her own schedule and do it with a bit of motivation and inspiration. Coworking spaces provide perfect solutions for women following a flexible schedule as coworking spaces usually have all the basic amenities such a coffee machine, high speed internet and comfortable chairs so that one can fully focus on the duties ahead rather than worrying about such basic amenities. In a coworking space, one needs not to worry about the arranging meeting rooms and having to brew their own coffee. 

Coworking spaces are proving to be the boon for the working women as it provides freedom, security and a sense of motivation to the women of today helping them transform the society and be the leaders of tomorrow.