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Coworking is the contemporary alternative to work & share! Coworking is indeed not limited to infrastructure sharing! It’s way more than that, and it’s more associated with being a part of a particular community, convenience, and sustainability. 

Coworking spaces in Noida are formulated for business-oriented people for a cooperative & constructive atmosphere. It breaks all the typical corporate norms of ‘How an office work culture should be?’. You get most of the privilege and freedom to work in coworking spaces. 

Almost a half decade from now, coworking space wasn’t an official concept. Today, it’s ruling across the world by modifying the ways business people speak, work & operate. Coworking spaces give a physical and online platform space to all the independent contractors, SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises, and other parties for networking, completing a task, and being a local business community contributor.

Also, the coworking space in Noida Sector 63 demand has already almost doubled from the pre-Covid-19 levels and is expected to grow manifold in the coming years.

1. Location

Location is one of the most important factors because it determines how accessible it will be for you or your team to get there. The location should be at a central point where everything is available at walkable distances. Workspace location can also help you to make business decisions accordingly. Also, make sure that your parking is included in your monthly membership card. Else, you will have to pay hefty charges for your parking itself.

Also, the location should be impressive enough to make your clients feel comfortable & at ease. It should not be too much inside the cross-side roads. It will be great to attract good clients if you find it at the front end main road.

2. Budget-friendly

When you choose a coworking space, you need to make sure that your budget & needs are aligned with each other. Check all the benefits available on membership fees, and that should be on track to the amount you are okay paying monthly & yearly. How much you’re willing to pay each month is fundamental in choosing a place to work. For availing the best ROI, all you need to do is check your background & requirements. 

3. Transportation

Coworking is getting recognition among budding entrepreneurs & freelancers. The adoption of coworking/flexible spaces is increasing across the globe with each passing day. Finally, when you plan to search for such a place, taking note of nearby transportation facilities, distance, and the overall time taken is essential.

4. Work Culture

Good hospitality is remembered forever! While committing to a coworking/flex space, do well research about the company’s work culture. How a company treats its employees and outsiders says a lot about them. Go through reviews online to understand the work culture adopted by such sectors. Understand if they are kind enough to support you in case of instant help.

As said, work culture makes you know if that particular area will be suitable for your colleagues or not. If your culture is too chill to roam freely & take client calls, search for the same workplace spaces. If you entered a room with no such facility expecting you to be completely silent, indeed, you would feel suffocated. Henceforth, proper exploration is mandatory.

5. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the important parameters to check for while finding the perfect coworking space. Get well equipped with the working hours availability. Also, it would be best if you chose the membership plan or a one-time plan accordingly. Choose the place that’s operative during your off days & usual working hours. Some coworking firms keep their offices open even after working hours are over.

6. Have a good internet connection

While finalizing a coworking space you must inquire about the internet speeds. Most co-working spaces have a centralized internet connection and hence offer the same speed and data quality to everyone working there. Some may offer higher-speed internet at an additional price. You should look into add-on packages depending on your needs. Before you lease the space, it’s a good idea to test the internet out on your phone.

7. 24×7 access

You can’t say anything about your productive hours. You are most productive at work, sometimes in the daylight and sometimes in the dark. Thus, choosing a coworking space that offers flexible working hours is always better. Choosing a 24×7 accessible coworking space can increase the cost. But won’t hinder your or your employees’ productivity by putting time restrictions.

8. Check for security

Before finalizing the workspace, you must look into the security protocols of the co-working space. Do they maintain an entry log? Do they have CCTVs on the floor? Is the area well-lit at night? This is not directly linked to your profits but giving employees a safe space to work out of will minimize distractions and make them happy about working with you.

9. Look for collaborating opportunities

Since co-working spaces are used by many different people, networking becomes simpler and often collaborators can be found on the same floor. For example, your marketing team may collaborate with a graphic designer working at the next table to design emailers. Hence, find out who else uses the space and see how it can benefit your company.

10. Consider the social Infrastructure nearby

To keep employee attrition rates low, you must balance work and play. Look for spaces with co-working in Delhi-NCR that are close to restaurants, cafes, etc. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, your employees may be dependent on food delivery services, and having good restaurants nearby gives them fresh food. Secondly, these are places your employees can gather after work. Social interaction outside the office plays a big role in strengthening the company culture.